General conditions for carrying out mediation

According to the Real Estate Brokerage promulgated on 10 October 2007, HERAK Estates Porec, Prvomajska 1, as a mediator brings General requirements for mediation.

Description of individual jobs intermediaries
Article 1.

1. Mediator should carefully orderly and conscientious professionals take actions in terms of the efforts of finding and linking it with the Principal of the person who would negotiate on the conclusion of the sales contract or otherwise, which aims to transfer the ownership rights, which enable the principal interest.
2. In addition to the obligation of finding the person or opportunity to enter into contracts, the mediator, with the cooperation and sent and told the principal, agrees to mediate in negotiations, seek to parties agree and come to an agreement on the mutual satisfaction, inform the task provider (seller / buyer) the circumstances relevant to the closing the deal, to provide legal support during the drafting of specific laws and submit after the conclusion of the contract the necessary documentation to the competent ZK department of the Municipal Court in order of registration of property rights.

Our Fee
Article 2.

1. Basic obligations of principal (seller / buyer) is that the broker pays the agreed compensation paid to individual tasks intermediaries described in Article 1 of the General Conditions for conducting mediation.
2. The obligation to pay brokerage commission is regulated by the Brokerage Agreement to be concluded with each Principal (seller / buyer) individually, which is regulated and the amount of brokerage fees.
3. Fee for mediation services free of charge as a percentage of the purchase price, and the amount should never exceed a total of 6% + VAT of the purchase price
4. Mediator regulates brokerage commission decision on the method of pricing, which is based on the price list published by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Trade Department.

Material costs that are not included in the fee
Article 3.

1. Contracted and paid intermediary fees do not include the cost of settlement of court fees for registration, conditional registration and recordation, notary public in the document validation, settlement fees for title deed, copies of cadastral plan, identification, mortgage transfer to change the mortgagor, and certificates make documents related to the concluded legal business that realizes the interest of the principal (seller / buyer), but this is only his obligations.
2. Material costs that normally make court fees for actions described in paragraph 1 of this Article, will be charged according to the Law on Court Fees and other laws that regulate the payment specified underlying costs or principal (seller / buyer) pays individually concerned court fees which as evidence submitted to the broker in order to attach the same with suggestions / requirements that determine the settlement of outstanding court fees.

The cancellation of orders for mediation
Article 4.

1. Principal (seller / buyer) may cancel the order for the mediation provided that revocation is not contrary to the principle of good faith. The procedure to cancel the order in this regard can not fall in a storm, so with the intent to deprive the agent of or knowingly damages the right to compensation.
2. Termination of orders for mediation specified by the Treaty on mediation.

Professional competence
Article 5.

1. The Agency as an intermediary has at least one employee, agent or director of the company that has qualified for the real estate agency, and has passed the examination of Article 30. of the Real Estate Brokerage.